Wool felt Rugs - 'Bare-Skin'

The best sheepskin-looking rug without being an animal skin rug.
There's no escaping these tactile art pieces once you feel them. Hand made in Australia using a felted base layer and beautiful fleeces from pet sheep with their own names, the raw Corriedale wool is felted to the base with a wet felting technique (water and olive oil soap felt the fibres together). A selection of stunning wool fleece rugs come together in natural colours. These specialist pieces are a sustainable and ethical alternative to wool sheep skin.
The artist applies this impressively heavy handcarft to create a leather-free alternative which also surpasses the aesthetics of standard wool rugs. Wool is sourced direct from small farms in NSW where the sheep are only shorn once a year and every new growth fleece will be different. The fleece is rich in lanolin which is partially maintained in the rug as a natural protection against stains, cold, heat and general lifestyle wearing.