Cushion - Art Series - 'Mangrove Mountain'

Title: 40cm cushion

The ART SERIES print are one-of production pieces. This listing is for 1 square 40cm cushion. 

Eucalyptus extracted natural dyes and eco-printing techniques create a genuine leaf imprint of the native foliage. Heirloom Fibrecraft designs a range of hand-reproduced prints (small variations occur) and Art Series prints which are one-of designs. Sustainable Eco felt wool, linen and hemp are printed and handmade into small, medium and large cushions. The print range builds a story to compliment each other in a mix-and-match style as floor stacks or couch cushions. These are durable pieces, which are colourfast (with a little care).

‘Mangrove Mountain’ is an art series print on two 40cm square cushions.

They work beautifully with our green print range or the ‘simply red’ series.    

Easy care instructions provided.